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Departamento Acadêmico de Eletrônica

Full-time Professorship position in the area of Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Electronics (DAELN) of the Federal University of Technology – Paraná (UTFPR) announces the opening of one full-time Professorship position in the area of Biomedical Engineering, covering one or more of the following topics:

a) Hospital Engineering;

b) Sensors and instrumentation for biomedical application;

c) Information technology applied to biomedicine.

Responsibilities will include:

1) Lead a research program in biomedical engineering and seek external funding;

2) Teach at both undergraduate and graduate levels;

3) Supervise graduate student research (master’s and doctoral);

4) Establish research collaboration with the industry and public agencies.

Admission criteria will consist of

  1. assessment of a research project;
  2. analysis of the publication record and academic work; and
  3. teaching skills evaluation.

The professional will work at the Curitiba Campus of UTFPR.

UTFPR has more than a hundred years of existence and the Department of Electronics is one of the oldest academic departments created at UTFPR. The department hosts more than 100 faculty members, most of them graduated from top universities around the world. The selected candidate will have the opportunity of working in one of the most traditional and disputed courses in the Electrical Engineering of Paraná State, South of Brazil.

Additionally, the professional might work in the Computer Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering or Technology in Telecommunications undergraduate courses. The Department offers two post-graduate programs: Graduate Program in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Graduate Program on Biomedical Engineering.

Registration period: September 7th to October 9th, 2016.

Examination date

  • Assessment of Intellectual Production: October 10th to 19th, 2016.
  • Evaluation Skills Evaluation: November 10th, 2016.
  • Research Proposal Assessment: November 11th, 2016.

Exams may be held in English.

Evaluation Skills Evaluation and Research Proposal assessment can be done through Web Conference.

Salary: R$ 9.114,67 per month (prior deductions). 

The official announcement and details are available here.

For further information: dimop@utfpr.edu.br

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