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Graduate Program in Physical Education

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Brief description

The Graduate Program in Physical Education (PPGEF) from the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR) was approved by CAPES in 2016, in the Physical Education assessment area, and represents a breakthrough for the area in Paraná. The course aims to contribute to the formation of human resources, the production of knowledge and innovation that impact on society, both in service delivery and problem solving.

The PPGEF is organized in the concentration area   Human Movement Sciences and is supported by two lines of research:   "Physical Activity and Health” and Exercise and Sport". The Physical Activity and Health Research line aims to understand the physiological, biomechanical, psychological and other environmental factors that may influence the practice of physical activities for health promotion in different age groups and population groups. The research line Exercise and Sport aims to provide subsidies and strategies, based on scientific and technical knowledge, that allow the improvement of physiological, biomechanical, psychological and sociological aspects that influence the level of sports performance in different age groups.