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Enviromental Engineering Program

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Brief Description

The Master’s degree program in “Enviromental Engineering: Enviromental Analysis and Technology" of UTFPR, in the Campus of Francisco Beltrão, aims to qualify professionals from the environmental and related areas, to foster the technological and scientific development of society in its relationship with the environment.


Research Lines - Enviromental Analysis

The line of research “Environmental Analysis” addresses studies focused on understanding, diagnosing and predicting the physical, chemical and biological environmental properties, using environmental chemistry techniques, soil studies, geoprocessing and remote sensing. It also seeks to assess impact on different environmental systems, such as watersheds and water resources, biodiversity and geodiversity, in order to support strategies for nature conservation and adequate environmental sanitation.
Area of Concentration: Environment


Enviromental Technology

The line of research “Environmental Technology” addresses issues related to technologies focused on the protection and conservation of the environment, affected by natural or anthropic activities. It aims to improve solid and liquid waste treatment systems, reducing, recovering and reusing them in order to minimize their contaminant load, as well as monitoring water resources regarding its physical, chemical, biological and toxicological properties. It also seeks to foster the use of new technologies for the preservation, prevention and treatment of natural resources through nuclear biotechnological and physical processes.
Area of Concentration: Environment