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Graduate Profile

por tassia publicado 08/04/2020 16h21, última modificação 08/04/2020 16h21

The graduate of the PPGECT - Campus Ponta Grossa, should be able, as a researcher: to act in education at all its levels and that is able to innovate their teaching practice in terms of understanding and applying science and technology with regard to the theoretical, methodological and epistemological aspects, in view of the use of new technologies, didactic materials and spaces that will improve teaching practice.

The program seeks to train a professional/researcher who will contribute effectively to the development of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education.

Encourage the development of innovative educational products (manuals, videos, applications, software, among others), based on the elaboration of works that, in addition to the foundation and theoretical reflection, use applied research;

Contribute so that the final product of the research activity results in potentially applicable actions in the educational system in order to overcome the gap between research contributions in Science and Technology Teaching and their adoption;

Develop academic and scientific exchange activities at national and international level;

Meet the region's demand for graduate training in Science and Technology Education.