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Teaching of Human, Social and Nature Sciences Program

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Brief Description

The Professional Master Program in Teaching of Human, Social and Nature Sciences – PPGEn is a Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Teaching, recognized by the Coordination for Enhancement of Higher Education Staff (CAPES, in the Portuguese abbreviation) of the Ministry for Education.

PPGEN has as objective the capacitation of teachers in the Human, Social, and Nature fields for the teaching performance at the Elementary, High and/or Higher Education with the intent of contributing to the improvement of the teaching quality in the Country.

The student’s expected profile is a professional with knowledge about teaching, skilled in acting and interacting at different institutions and different modalities, besides generating research, which results may serve to improve the teaching and learning quality in the similar fields to the Program.


Concentration Area

Teaching, Sciences, and New Technologies

The objective is to form professionals skilled to act on teaching or on the new technologies applied to education, in such a way to contribute to the society through the suitable formation in issues inherent of such a branch of studies, seeking new solutions for the problems that involve teaching and learning, such as: the use of new technologies applied to teaching and learning; the language and literature teaching; the teaching of nature sciences; sociocultural aspects.