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Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering

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Short description

The Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering has as general objective to promote the scientific improvement of graduate students in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Technologies, Engineering and related areas, aiming at form high level professionals to act as professors and/or researchers. The Area of Concentration in Process Development is intended to qualify new researchers and professionals able to develop new technologies in the areas of Chemical Engineering scope, contributing to the development, improvement and systematic evaluation of processes and products. The course, at the Academic Master's level, started in March 2019 and belongs to the area of Engineering II in the CAPES evaluation.


Lines of research

Bioprocess Engineering
The line of research in Bioprocess Engineering integrates knowledge of Chemical Engineering with Biochemistry to obtain new products, often using available natural resources. In this line, industrial processes are developed that involve the cultivation of microbial cells, animals and plants, as well as enzymatic processes to obtain molecules of interest in the most diverse areas. In this line, one of the main and extremely important focuses is the development of technologies, procedures and analytical methodologies with high efficiency of purification and recovery of bioproducts that have high added value. Additionally, this line is also related to the study of technological routes using enzymatic catalysis and the application of nanobiotechnology for the development of encapsulation systems of compounds with bioactive characteristics.


Separation Process Engineering
The research line in Separation Process has the objective of studying and developing technologies for the characterization, purification, concentration and recovery of raw materials and products in various areas of Chemical Engineering. Conventional and advanced separation processes are applied in the sustainable development and improvement of processes for the treatment of solids, liquids and gases. The line includes the development of projects in various areas of Chemical Process Engineering, such as separation processes based on phase equilibrium and mass transfer, as well as modeling and simulation for the optimization of these processes.