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Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering

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Objective | Concentration Area | Lines of Research


To promote the scientific enhancement for graduates, in the field of Processes Development, to meet the demands of graduate students in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Technologies, and similar areas, aiming to form highly competent professors, researchers, and professionals who will contribute to the development, improvement and systematic evaluation of processes and will assure the diminishing of effects on the environment, meeting the contemporary demands in the local, regional, and national scope.

Capes’ Field of Evaluation: Engineering II


Concentration Area

Processes Development


Lines of Research

Reactors and Biofuels
Study on modelling and simulation of processes in various types of reactors, as well and reaction kinetics and mechanisms. To perform the synthesis and characterization of catalytic and biofuel materials through different techniques. 

Separation Processes and Environmental Technology
Development of conventional and advanced processes for the treatment of waters and effluents. Treatment of gas effluents. Processes for drinkable water production. Development of methodologies for the analysis of liquid effluents. Development of methodologies for soil analysis. Production of systems involving fluids and particles of liquid and gas currents.