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The Regional Academic Mobility Program in Accredited Courses (MARCA) is the first undergraduate student mobility program promoted by Governments through the Educational Sector of MERCOSUR.

Countries and associate members of the bloc participate in the program, in order to promote regional integration. The mobility happens between MERCOSUR member states and is developed through regular academic periods. In Brazil, the program is funded by CAPES.

At UTFPR, the Agronomy course went through accreditation process in 2012, becoming a participant in the program.

Currently, the project "AGRI-SUR: network for strengthening student mobility, teaching and international management among Agronomy courses in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay" is taking place, with participation of UTFPR and the international partners National University of Rosario (Argentina), National University of Cuyo (Argentina), University of Concepción (Chile) and Universidad Austral de Chile.