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The Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEC-G) offers superior training opportunities for citizens of developing countries with which Brazil has a educational and cultural agreements. Developed by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, in partnership with private and public universities - state and federal - the PEC-G selects foreign students, between 18 and preferentially up to 23 years of age, with a high school degree, to make undergraduate studies in the country.

The selected foreign student attends undergraduation for free. On the other hand, this student must find a way to meet some standards, among them, prove that he/she is able to cover his/her expenses in Brazil, have a certificate of completion of high school (or equivalent) and proficiency in Portuguese language.

Preferably, the selected students are people engaged in social and economic development programs agreed between Brazil and their origin countries. The agreements determine that the students must return to their country and contribute to the development of the field in which he/she obtained his/her degree.

Currently, UTFPR has 17 student regularly registered under this program, original from countries such as Chile, Paraguay, Angola, Benin, Cape Verde, Congo-Brazzaville, Ghana and Sao Tome and Principe.