List of professors

List of professors

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Alessandro do Nascimento Varga
• Control and Automation
• Stochastic Dynamic Systems
• Theory of linear systems
• Engineering Applications          

Alessandro Goedtel
• Electronic Automation of Electrical and Industrial Processes
• Electronic Measurement and Control Systems
• Intelligent Systems, Electronic Process Control
• Feedback        

Cristiano Marcos Agulhari
• Systems Analysis and Control
• Digital Control
• Statistical Signal Processing
• Theory of linear systems

Fabio Renan Durand
• Resource Allocation in Communication Networks
• Optical Communications
• Photonic Devices and Systems
• Modeling of Mobile Communications Systems
• Statistical Signal Processing
• Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
• Wireless Sensors Networks
• Electronic systems
• Telecommunications  

Leonardo Poltronieri Sampaio
• Harnessing alternative and renewable energies
• Photovoltaic applications
• Development of educational tools, through the Java language for teaching aid in Power Electronics
• Analysis and modeling of static power converters 

Marcelo Favoretto Castoldi
• Electrical Machine Control
• Power Devices
• Control of Electric Power Systems
• SEPs Damping Controllers Design
• FACTS Devices and Optimization Algorithms.  

Paulo Rogério Scalassara
• Statistical Signal Processing
• Modeling and Control
• Embedded system

Sergio Augusto Oliveira da Silva
• Industrial Automation
• Power Electronics
• Modeling and Control
• Power Quality
• Photovoltaic systems. 

Wagner Endo (Contributor)
• Instrumentation and Signal Processing
• Systems and Process Automation
• Applications in Control Engineering, Automation and Biomedical.

Leonardo Bruno Garcia Campanhol (Contributor)
• Power Electronics
• Active Power Conditioners
• Quality of Electric Power
•Renewable Energy.