Graduate Program in Physical Education

Graduate Program in Physical Education

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The Graduate Program in Physical Education (PPGEF) from the Federal University of Technology—Parana (UTFPR) was approved in 2016 by Higher Education Improvement Coordination (CAPES) – Ministry of Education/Brazil. The course has as main target to prepare human resources for acting in high level of excellence, and in the production of knowledge and innovation that have an impact on society.

The educational perspective of the PPGEF is committed to the new demands of society for physical exercise prescription based on scientific and technological knowledges. The program will provide the graduating with theoretical and practical backgrounds to work with Physical Activity and Health and Exercise and Sport areas. This science-directed approach is an attempt to meet the needs and demands of the Brazilian society.

The PPGEF has several research groups, which develop research projects directed to improve physical activity engagement and health of the local communities, as well sport and human performance. These research projects have a decisive impact on the scientific, academic and social fields.


The PPGEF is organized in the concentration area “Human Movement Sciences” and is supported by two lines of research: "Physical Activity and Health” and “Exercise and Sport".

Physical Activity and Health

This research line aims to understand the physiological, biomechanical, psychological, and other environmental factors that may influence the practice of physical activities for health promotion in different age and population groups.

Exercise and Sport

This research line aims to provide subsidies and strategies, based on scientific and technical knowledge, that allow the improvement of physiological, biomechanical, psychological, and sociological aspects that influence the level of sports performance in different age groups.


The PPGEF aims to qualify Physical Education Teachers and other health-related professionals to use physical exercise as a tool in promoting health and to improve exercise performance. The PPGEF will enable professionals for working on academic area and/or assisting community to Physical Activities in Health Promotion and/or Exercise and Sports Performance.


The mission of the PPGEF is to prepare professionals to be critical in relation to scientific information, and also to be able to elaborate and execute research projects with methodological rigor, creative persistence and ethics, in order to achieve a high level of excellence in science and research.


The Former will be able to:

- Act in professional areas related to physical activity, health and sport science;

- Discuss, analyze and develop scientific and technological research projects relating physiological, biomechanical, psychological and sociological aspects that influence health promotion and sports performance;

- Integrate knowledge from different areas to better understand the multiple interactions between physical exercise and health promotion or sports performance.


To obtain the title of Master, the student must defend a master dissertation and fulfill a minimum of 24 (twenty-four) credits as follows:

8 credits in compulsory subjects;

12 credits in subjects linked to their chose line of research;

4 credits in common core subjects.

Note: each 15 hours/class corresponds to 1 credit. Subjects are only offered in Portuguese. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, subjects are being offered remotely.


The following subjects composes the subjects annually offered by PPGEF:

1)      Quantitative methods of scientific research - 60h - Dr. Rogério César Fermino

2)      Qualitative methods of scientific research - 60h - Dra. Ana Paula C. B. Maoski

3)      Data analysis and statistics - 60h - Dr. Lúcio Flávio Soares Caldeira

4)      How to competitively write a scientific paper - 60h - Dr. Adriano E. Lima da Silva

5)      Physical activity, fitness and health - 60h - Dr. Rogério César Fermino

6)      Pedagogy of the Human Movement in a biological perspective - 60h - Dr. Anderson Caetano Paulo

7)      Stress indicators and enhancers of sports performance - 60h - Dr. Julio Cesar Bassan

8)      Sociology of Sport - 60h - Dr. Gilmar Francisco Afonso

9)      Determinants of physical performance in military and athletes - 60h - Dr. Anderson Caetano Paulo

10)   Advanced seminars on measures of physical activity, exercise and sport - 60h - Dr. Elto Legnani

11)   Deepening seminar on collective health - 60h - Dr. Oslei de Matos

12)   Physical Activity and Aging - 60h - Dra. Maressa Priscila Krause

13)   Psychosocial and behavioral determinants of physical activity - 60h - Dr. Ciro Romelio R. Añez

14)   Somatic growth and biological maturation - 60h - Dra. Raquel Nichele de Chaves

15)   Cardiometabolic risk in children and adolescents - 60h - Dr. Raquel Nichele de Chaves

16)   Laboratory techniques applied to biomechanics - 60h - Dra. Cintia L. Nahhas Rodacki