Graduate Program in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes

Graduate Program in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes

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Brief Description

The Masters’ program in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes (PPGTP) of the Federal Technological University of Paraná (in Portuguese, UTFP) – Pato Branco Campus arises from the regional need for highly qualified professionals in the fields of chemical and biochemical chemistry. The southwestern and western regions of Paraná, west of Santa Catarina and northwest of Rio Grande do Sul are regions with great potential for social and economic development, however, they lack graduate programs would that enable scientific and technological research that contributes to the regional growth. From such considerations, the Coordination of Chemistry, in the year of 2009, started discussions and reflections, which, jointly with the institutional proposal of expanding the strictosensu graduate programs, resulted in the elaboration of the proposal of the creation of a master program. PPGTP is born to contribute to the scientific and technological development and the formation of qualified professionals with a critical view of the science, technology and social-economic development.


Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes

The concentration area in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical processes covers the research activities guided to the study and development of chemical and biochemical processes and studies with potential technological application. It aims at capacitating professors and forming researchers able to act on the fields of Materials Chemistry, Biotechnological Chemistry, and Food Chemistry.

According to the organization of CAPES’ Knowledge Areas that present a hierarchy in four levels, PPGTP is located at the: (1) Wide Area of ENGINEERING; (2) Evaluation Area of ENGINEERING COURSES II; (3) Subarea composed by the Graduate Programs in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, MATERIALS ENGINEERING, etc.; and (4) Specificities of BIOCHEMICAL, FOOD AND MATERIALS PROCESSES.


Materials Chemistry
The line of Materials Chemistry prioritizes the studies on obtaining, characterization, applications and studies of the relationship between structure/property in polymeric and cement materials, composites, electronic ceramics, nanomaterials, catalyzers, and intercalation and inclusion compounds.

Biotechnological Chemistry
The line of Biotechnological Chemistry prioritizes the studies on applied microbiology and biotechnological processes; bioproduction and characterization of molecules of interest; studies on the identification and evaluation of the biological activity of compounds found in natural products; utilization of agroindustrial subproducts and environmental bioprocesses.

Food Chemistry
The line of Food Chemistry prioritizes the studies on the chemical composition of raw materials and food. The identification and quantification of agrochemical products, pesticides, and antibiotics in food; development of new products; identification and evaluation of bioactive compounds in food and their applications.