Graduate Program in Administration

Graduate Program in Administration

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Brief description

The Graduate Program in Administration aims to train professors, researchers and market professionals who know how to conduct scientific research and know the theoretical and practical aspects of technology in the organizational environment. It is intended to develop professionals capable of analyzing the impacts of technology in the organizational context, both on the results and on the workers involved in the production processes.

Technology will be discussed as a result of the technical complexity and the way society produces its existence, from the complex social relations related to a specific mode of production, established in a sociocultural context closely related to its historical time.

The course aims to analyze technology and its relationship with specific areas of Administration, namely: production, marketing, human resources, finance, information technology, among others. Thus, the course will enable managers to qualify in order to manage complex situations related to technologies and their impacts on organizations, adopting a more analytical and reflective stance on technology in the organizational and social context. In the academic field, it aims to train teachers and researchers capable of producing knowledge from rigorous scientific procedures, in order to understand technology with the interdisciplinary perspective inherent to the organizational and social context.

Research Lines

The Graduate Program in Administration is structured in two lines of research, which seek to support the scope of the program's focus area, which is to study the creation, application, use and consequences of technology in the micro, meso and macro-organizational context, in order to enable the analysis of the impact of technology on work and on the technical, economic, political and social development of organizations. The professional may work in the labor market in the area of Organizations and Technology.

Management Technology, Work and Organizations
It studies the creation, application and development of management technologies in the various areas of an organization and their relationship with changes in the world of work and with workers. The management technologies studied include both instrumental and behavioral technologies used in organizations, with a microorganizational focus on the behavioral and psychosocial aspects of the individual and the dimensions of their performance in the organizational context.

Technology and Organizational Development
It studies the relationship between technology and technical, economic, political and social development, especially in meso and macro-organizational contexts. The technologies studied are physical management and organizational technologies of the various areas of knowledge of an organization, among which the product, marketing, finance, controllership and information systems stand out. The creation and use of technologies as processes of innovation and promotion of organizational development are analyzed.