List of Professors

List of Professors

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Faculty and link to Lattes CV

Alexandre Rossi Paschoal
Research Themes: He works with topics related to machine learning and biological data modeling, and mainly in the specific research line in Bioinformatics in the area of Computational Biology of RNAs (Non-Coding RNAs or Rnomics).

André Yoshiaki Kashiwabara
Research Themes: It works mainly in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Currently the focus of research includes the study of models for sequence analysis and applications in genomic science and music computing.

César Manuel Vargas Benítez
Research Themes: Has experience in Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering, working mainly in Computational Intelligence (Evolutionary/Bioinspired Computing, Cellular Automata, etc.), Machine Learning, Reconfigurable Computing, Parallel Computing, Bioinformatics and Molecular Dynamics. Currently, he also works in the Deep Learning area.

Danilo Sipoli Sanches
Research Themes: Has experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied in Industrial Automation and Electrical Power Distribution Systems, and investigates efficient algorithms for the treatment of complex optimization problems. It works mainly on the following subjects: evolutionary algorithms, multiobjective optimization, graph theory, scheduling and bioinformatics.

Douglas Silva Domingues
Research Themes: Has experience in Genomics and Molecular Plant Biology. My research focuses on 1) Molecular Evolution of Genes and Genomes in Plants and 2) Transcriptional Responses related to Plant Metabolism in non-model species. Thus, my research can generate knowledge in the areas of Molecular Genetics, Plant Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Chemical Ecology, Molecular Evolution and Plant Physiology.

Fabio Fernandes da Rocha Vicente
Research Themes:  He works in the field of computer science, mainly in the following subjects: pattern recognition, complex networks and bioinformatics.

Fabricio Martins Lopes
Research Themes:  Has experience in Computer Science, with emphasis on Methodology and Computer Techniques. His main activities are: pattern recognition, bioinformatics and image processing.

Francismar Corrêa Marcelino-Guimaraes
Research Themes: It works in Plant Molecular Genetics, focusing on plant-pathogen molecular interaction, transcriptomic research lines in response to infection by phytopathogens (P. pachyrhizi and nematoides), effector characterization and functional genomics in soybean. It also acts in the identification and validation of SNPs markers via genetic re-sequencing strategies for application in assisted selection of soybean cultivars development.

Laurival Antonio Vilas-Boas
Research Themes: It operates in the areas of phytobacteriology and phytopathogenic fungi.

Luiz Filipe Protasio Pereira
Research Themes: Experienced in Molecular Biology and Plant Genetics, acting mainly with Coffea arabica on the following subjects: transcriptome; genomics; plant transformation; identification of polymorphisms (SSRs, SNPs and INDELs); genetic mapping of coffee trees, genetic diversity and GWAS in Coffea arabica.

Mariangela Hungary of the Cunha
Research Themes: Has experience in Agronomy, focusing on Soil Biotechnology, acting on the following subjects: biological nitrogen fixation; microbial biodiversity; prokaryote taxonomy and phylogeny; microbial ecology; soil microbiology; plant growth promoting bacteria; inoculant production; inoculation technologies; structural and functional genomics and proteomics of prokaryotes; molecular markers in plants related to biological nitrogen fixation; culture collections of microorganisms; soil quality bioindicators; metagenomics; physiology of legume-rhizobia symbiosis and agronomic aspects of biological nitrogen fixation.

Pedro Henrique Bugatti
Research Themes:  Has experience in Computer Science, focusing on Computer Vision, acting on the following subjects: queries for similarity, feature extraction, complex data recovery, machine learning.

Priscila Tiemi Maeda Saito
Research Themes: Has experience in Computer Science, focusing on Image Processing and Analysis, acting on the following subjects: machine learning, pattern recognition, parallel and distributed computing, with applications in bioinformatics, medicine and agriculture.