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Graduate Program In Food Technology

Graduate Program In Food Technology

Publicado 1/13/2020, 3:22:50 PM, última modificação 1/13/2020, 3:24:06 PM
Brief description | Research lines

The academic Master’s degree program in Food Technology was approved by CAPES in 2010 and began its activities in 2011. The program takes place in two different campuses , Medianeira and Campo Mourão, aiming to qualify individuals to foster the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in the subject of food, who shall be able to develop research projects and apply them to solve problems related to food production, conservation and safety and on products and processes development.

Thus, it aims to foster opportunities for further development and update of theoretical and practical knowledge for professionals in related fields; to use Food Technology tools to develop processes for the food production chain, according to the specific needs of consumers; to strengthen University’s and industry ties through cooperation projects with the productive sector, supporting industrial and technological development, and disseminating research results through scientific and technical articles.

Graduate professionals from the Graduate Program in Food Technology should be able to meet scientific and technological needs in their field of work, whether in public or private institutions, in order to solve problems in a scientific manner, and to apply, innovate and create knowledge.

Selection to the program takes place annually, according to specific criteria described in the Call for Applications.  Furthermore, the program is divided into four terms.

Area of Concentration

- Greater area: Agricultural Sciences
- Area of Knowledge: Food Science
- Area of Concentration: Food Technology

It aims to qualify professionals with an investigative, theoretical and experimental profile to develop and analyze processes and products in the food industry as well as to build scientific knowledge. To qualify individuals to perceive, evaluate and apply physical, chemical and biological phenomena that occur during food processing and storage.


Lines of Research 

Science and Technology of Food Products
This line of research seeks to assess potential technologies for the development of traditional, functional and special purpose products using regional raw materials and agroindustrial products. It also includes studies on extraction, isolation, purification, and qualitative and quantitative characterization of natural and synthetic chemicals with bioactive and technological properties. Aspects related to quality control, to the identification of critical areas that may compromise hygienic and sanitary aspects of processed food, specially regarding food security and nutrition, will also be addressed.

Technological Processes in the Food Industry
This line of research aims to develop modeling, simulation and optimization of technological processes and products of interest to the food industry. Predictive food microbiology models, fermentation processes, bioproducts characterization, industrial waste reuse, development of biodegradable packaging and films, analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomena, and determination of physical and thermophysical properties of food will also be investigated.