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Faculty and link to Lattes CV

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Permanent Faculty

Ailey Aparecida Coelho Tanamati, Ph.D.  - UTFPR-CM
Topics of interest: Physicochemical analysis of food; Analytical chemistry; Analysis of oils and fats and oxidation compounds;

Angela Claudia Rodrigues, Ph.D.  - UTFPR-MD 
Analytical Chemistry, focused on food chemistry, gas-liquid chromatography, atomic absorption, physicochemical analysis of food, identification and quantification of fatty acids and minerals in food, optimization in food analysis methods, development of food products.

Cristiane Canan, Ph.D. (canan@utfpr.edu.br) -  UTFPR-MD
Meat and processed meat. Evaluation of bioactive compounds for their antimicrobial and antioxidant capacity.

Deisy Alessandra Drunkler, Ph.D. (deisydrunkler@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-MD 
Milk and dairy processing.  Pro, pre and symbiotic

Eliane Colla, Ph.D. (ecolla@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-MD
Fermentation and enzymatic processes, process optimization, biofuels production from algal and vegetable biomass, protein and carbohydrate extraction from algal and vegetable biomass, antimicrobial activity of biocompounds.

Evandro Bona, Ph.D. (ebona@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-CM
Chemometrics and rapid methods of analysis of food matrices: spectroscopy, electrochemistry (electronic tongues and noses), rapid sensory profiling techniques.

Fernanda Vitória Leimann, Ph.D. (fernandaleimann@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-CM 

Marines Paula Corso, Ph.D. (corso@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-MD
Evaluation of bioactive compounds for their antioxidant capacity on coffee. Meat and processed meat. Processed coffee.

Odinei Hess Gonçalves, Ph.D. (odinei@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-CM
Micro and nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds, characterization of physicochemical and morphological properties of materials, packaging development.

Patrícia Valderrama, Ph.D. () - UTFPR-CM 

Paulo Henrique Março, Ph.D. () - UTFPR-CM 
Tampering Detection, Rapid Analysis Methods, Spectroscopy, Chemometrics, Quantification, Validation

Rafael Porto Ineu, Ph.D. (rafaelineu@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-CM 
Nanotoxicity of encapsulated bioactive compounds using Drosophila melanogaster as an alternative biological model in in silico, in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo tests.

Visiting Faculty

Aziza Kamal Genena, Ph.D. (azizakg@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-MD

Ilton José Baraldi, Ph.D. (baraldi@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-MD

Luciana Furlaneto-Maia, Ph.D. (lucianamaia@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-LD 

Manuel Salvador Vicente Plata-Oviedo, Ph.D. (mapaov@utfpr.edu.br) - UTFPR-CM 

Renata Hernandez Barros Fuchs, Ph.D. (renata@utfpr.edu.br)  - UTFPR-CM