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The Post-Graduate Program in Food Technology - Academic Master level, was approved by CAPES in 2010 and began its activities in 2011. The program is of multicampi character (Medianeira and Campo Mourão) and aims to train human resources who can promote the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in the food area, and who will be able to develop research projects and apply them to solve problems related to food production, conservation and safety and on products and processes development.

Thus, it aims to provide conditions that give the opportunity for further development and updating of theoretical and practical knowledge for professionals in related fields; to use Food Technology tools in the development of processes for the food and products chain according to the specific needs from the consumer market; to strengthen university’s ties with industry through cooperation projects with the productive sector, supporting industrial technological development and disseminating the research results through scientific and technical articles.

Graduate professionals from the Graduate Program in Food Technology should be able to meet scientific and technological needs in their operation area, whether working for public or private institutions, in order to scientifically lead to problem resolution, and to apply, innovate and create knowledge.

The Program is offered annually and is divided into four-month periods in which the selection is carried out according to criteria described in the Selection Call (Application and Selection)

Concentration area

  • Wide area: Agricultural Sciences
  • Evaluation Area: Food Science
  • Concentration Area: Food Technology

It intends to qualify professionals with investigative, theoretical and experimental profile to develop and analyze processes and products in food industry as well as to generate scientific knowledge. Train able and autonomous human resources to interpret and apply the physical, chemical and biological phenomena that occur during food processing and storage.

Research lines

1. Science and Technology of Food Products

This research line seeks to assess the potential of technologies for the development of traditional, functional and special purpose products using regional raw materials and agro-industrial products. It also covers studies on extraction, isolation, purification, and qualitative and quantitative characterization of natural and synthetic compounds with bioactive and technological properties. In food technology those aspects related to quality control, to the identification of critical areas which compromise hygienic and sanitary aspects of food processes and products - with an emphasis on food and nutrition security - will be addressed.

2. Technological Processes in the Food Industry

Tis research line intends to develop modeling, simulation and optimization of technological processes and products of interest to the food industry. Predictive microbiological techniques, fermentation processes, bioproducts characterization, industrial waste reutilization, development of biodegradable packaging and films, analysis of heat and mass transfer phenomena, and determination of physical and thermophysical food properties will be investigated.