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List of professors and researchers

Visiting Professor (UTFPR)

Dr. Robert Frans Huibert Dekker
Area of performance: Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, and Industrial Biotechnology.
E-mail: xylanase@gmail.com

Permanent professor

Dr. Admir Créso de Lima Targino
Area of performance: Air quality and urban climatology.
E-mail: admirtargino@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Alesandro Bail
Area of performance: development of eco-friendly materials and processes. Reuse of industrial waste.
E-mail: alebail@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Alessandra Furtado da Silva
Area of performance: environmental monitoring and evaluation of plants in metal-contaminated soils.
E-mail: alessandrasilva@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Alessandro Francisco Martins
Area of performance: development of materials based on natural polysaccharides used as agents for remediation of wastewater and wastewater treatment.
E-mail: afmartins@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Ana Cláudia Ueda
Area of performance: environmental monitoring and air pollution control.
E-mail: anaueda@utfpr.edu.br 

Dr. Ana Maria Ferrari Lima
Area of performance: environmental catalysis applied to the treatment of effluents.
E-mail: analima@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Edson Fontes de Oliveira
Area of performance: ecology of continental aquatic systems.
E-mail: edsonoliveira@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Jorge Alberto Martins
Area of performance: physics of the atmosphere and modeling of air pollution.
E-mail: jmartins@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Juliana Feijó de Souza Daniel
Area of performance: bioremediation of organic contaminants of soil by fungi. Insecticide, microbiological and toxicity tests.
E-mail: julianasouza@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Kátia Valéria Marques Cardoso Prates
Area of performance: environmental microbiology.
E-mail: kprates@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Leila Droprinchinski Martins
Area of performance: atmosphere chemistry and air quality modeling.
E-mail: leilamartins@utfpr.edu.br

Dra. Luciana Furlaneto-Maia
Area of performance: microbiological indicators and resistance study. Biodegradation of xenobiotics.
E-mail: lucianamaia@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Murilo Pereira Moisés
Area of performance: industrial water and effluents treatment, synthesis and characterization of materials, heterogeneous catalysis, sorption of gases and purification of natural gas.
E-mail: murilomoises@utfpr.edu.br 

Dr. Patrícia Krecl
Area of performance: Physics of atmosphere and air quality.
E-mail: patriciak@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Ricardo Nagamine Costanzi
Area of performance: advanced effluent treatment and reuse of urban and industrial waters.
E-mail: ricardocostanzi@utfpr.edu.br 

Dr. Rubiane Ganascim Marques
Area of performance: environmental catalysis applied to effluent treatment.
E-mail: rubianemarques@utfpr.edu.br

Collaborator Professors

Dr. Cosmo Damião Santiago
Area of performance: numerical and computational methods applied to environmental processes.
E-mail: cosmo@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Edilaine Regina Pereira
Area of performance: treatment and air quality, environmental sanitation, treatment and management of effluents.
E-mail: edilainepereira@utfpr.edu.br

Dr. Joseane Débora P. Theodoro
Area of performance: water quality and its treatment, treatment of effluents.
E-mail: jtheodoro@utfpr.edu.br