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Research lines and professionals list

Construction Industry

Research lines - Materials, Structures and Geotechnics

Its purpose is to evaluate the behavior of structures, the process analysis and the performance of materials and building components, as well as characterize their durability and their impact on the environment. In addition to conventional materials, the use and recovery of waste from various sources is also analyzed.
Structural evaluations are performed through physical experimental analysis, structural monitoring and computational simulations via the finite element method (FEM), considering static and dynamic actions as well as linear and nonlinear effects.

Adalberto Matoski - e-mail: adalberto@utfpr.edu.br
João Elias Abdalla Filho - e-mail: joaofilho@utfpr.br
Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo - e-mail: izzo@utfpr.edu.br
Vsévolod Mymrine (Seva) 
Wellington Mazer - e-mail: wmazer@utfpr.edu.br

Research lines - Construction Management and Sustainability

Its purpose is the development of research that promotes the improvement of the built environment from the point of view of its conception, execution and maintenance. The research themes associated with this line of research are: the suitability of the environment for the user, the conception, the planning, the monitoring, the optimization of productive systems of the construction sector production chain, the environmental comfort, the sustainability, energy efficiency and the use of natural resources aimed at the sustainability area of the built environment. Associated with design and execution management, quality in the built environment such as thermal, acoustic, luminaire comfort, energy efficiency, rational and sustainable use of natural resources, use of eco-compatible materials, including analysis of social and environmental impacts. and climatological conditions generated by the interaction between buildings and land occupation with the urban environment characterize this research line.

Alfredo Iarozinski Neto - e-mail: iarozinski@utfpr.edu.br
Eduardo Leite Krüger - e-mail: ekruger@utfpr.edu.br
Janine Nicolosi Correa - e-mail: janine@utfpr.edu.br
Rodrigo Eduardo Catai - e-mail: catai@utfpr.edu.br
Tatiana Maria Cecy Gadda - e-mail: tatianagadda@utfpr.edu.br
Cezar Augusto Romano - e-mail: caromano@utfpr.edu.br


The approach of this area is related to the use and quality of water, with the impacts produced by the construction chain. Studies on the effects of pollution on water bodies and wastewater after urban or industrial consumption, as well as the development of new processes, are the focus of interest related to water quality, conservation and use.

Research lines - Sanitation and Water Resources

It aims at the development of new technologies and knowledge addressing issues of sanitation, use and management of water resources, assessment of properties of water and sewage and their respective treatments, and management of solid waste construction.

André Nagalli - e-mail: nagalli@utfpr.edu.br
Fernando Hermes Passig - e-mail: fhpassig@utfpr.edu.br
Thomaz Aurélio Pagioro - e-mail: pagioro@utfpr.edu.br
Flavio Bentes Freire - e-mail: flaviofreire@utfpr.edu.br
Karina Querne de Carvalho Passig - e-mail: kaquerne@utfpr.edu.br

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