Master’s degree program in Production and Systems Engineering

Master’s degree program in Production and Systems Engineering

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Brief description

The academic Master’s degree program in Production and Systems Engineering of UTFPR, in the Campus of Pato Branco, aims to build research skills and produce knowledge through scientific means.

Areas of Concentration - Production Systems Management

The area of ​​Production Systems Management combines operational research, organizational and labor engineering to diagnose and propose problem solutions and to study more efficient methods of management. Thus, the purpose is to study organizational management, its particular aspects, as well as decision-making processes in these organizations. We aim to improve organizational efficiency, competitiveness and innovation capacity, also taking into account the sustainability of production systems.

Lines of Research

Decision-making models and methods
This area mainly focuses on production systems, transportation systems, product development, quality systems, and economic management. Among the aforementioned, we aim to study the development and application of methods and models to support the decision-making process, and qualitative and/or quantitative research methods may be used. Qualitative research methods include interviews, focus groups, participant observation, among others, while quantitative research include statistical methods, multivariate analysis, time-series analysis, multi-criteria decision-making methods, economic engineering methods, among others.

Organizational and labor engineering
This area addresses organizational management, including topics of strategic and operational planning, production and technology strategies, entrepreneurial management, organizational performance assessment, and innovation and information management. It is also concerned with labor engineering, including design, improvement, implementation and evaluation of tasks, labor systems, products and environments to match the needs, skills and capabilities of people.

More about

The approval of the Graduate Program in Production and Systems Engineering (PPGEPS, in the Portuguese acronym) came from a process beginning in 2004, when a high demand for management excellence approaches and increased productivity came to our attention among the students of the specialization course in Production Engineering. This request has increased since 2007, expressed by faculty members seeking to increase their knowledge at doctoral level, in the areas of management and production engineering at institutions such as UFRGS, UFSC and USP. Internal and external interactions between 2011 and 2013, together with the PPGEP-PG program of UTFPR and the PPGEPS program of PUC-PR, enabled the rise of the PPGEPS-PB. Within its lines of research, the PPGEPS-PB program is committed to collaborate with companies and institutions in the region through scientific research.