Professional Master in Mathematics Teaching

Professional Master in Mathematics Teaching

Publicado 1/16/2020, 2:19:17 PM, última modificação 3/8/2024, 1:56:06 PM
Brief description

Multicampus program: Londrina (head campus) and Cornélio Procópio

Field of evaluation (Capes): Teaching

The Professional Master in Mathematics Teaching seeks to contribute to the formation of qualified professionals to act in the Mathematics teaching, promoting the comprehension, the discussion, and the update of the various scientific and technological knowledge and their implications and articulations at the teaching and learning processes.

Target audience

The Professional Master in Mathematics Teaching is oriented to the graduates with a title obtained in programs recognized by MEC, qualified to teach Math courses at different schooling levels, according to one of the following modalities:
- Graduates in Math (Licentiates in Math, Baccalaureates in Math and Baccalaureates in Applied Math);
- Graduates qualified for the teaching practice at the first school-years of Elementary School (graduates in Pedagogy or licentiates with any teaching field).

The objectives of the Program are:

To form human resources qualified to:
- Identify and use the research in a way to diagnose, propose, and evaluate innovative solutions for the problems of the teaching practice;
- Produce scientific papers that contribute to the comprehension of the teaching and learning processes of Math;
- Develop a professional identity through knowledge that contributes to the substantiation of the teaching practice;
- Use new strategies and methodologies, based on research results, to perform them in class;
- Continue their studies as researchers, even joining a doctoral program in such a field.
To define, to propose, coordinate, and perform research and/or extension in their lines of research, in a regional, national, or international level;
To qualify professionals to act at teaching institutions of Elementary and Higher Education.

Lines of Research

L1: Formation of Professors and Construction of Mathematic Knowledge
It covers discussions and reflections on the initial formation and on the work of professors who teach Math, as well as studies on the tendencies of math teaching, promoting critical and analytical reflections to respect the potentialities of each one in the process of math knowledge construction at the different school levels.
L2: Educational and Technological Resources at the Mathematics Teaching
It covers the analysis and development of educational resources for the teaching processes and mathematics teaching, concerning the existing technological contribution.