Faculty members

Faculty members

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Permanent Faculty

Line of Research: Development and use of materials



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Éder Lisandro de Moraes Flores

Development of sample preparation methods for determining metallic contaminants in samples of pharmaceuticals, oils and fats.

Gilberto da Cunha Gonçalves

Activated charcoal. Adsorption. Pyrolysis. Membrane separation processes. Reuse of waste. 

Kelen Menezes Flores Rossi de Aguiar

Non-isocyanate urethanes. Polymeric and hybrid materials.  Biomaterials. CO2 fixation and capture.

Paulo Rodrigo Stival Bittencourt

Polymer blends and composites. Food and nanostructures. Thermal analysis and calorimetry. 

Rafael Bertolini Frigori

Computational Physics: Developing algorithms for high performance Monte Carlo simulations.

Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems: applying generalized ensembles for the analytical and computational study of minimal models for protein folding and aggregation associated with degenerative diseases; finite temperature and phase transitions in quantum field theories; spin systems with long-range interactions. 

Ricardo Schneider

Glass. Vitroceramics. Catalysis. SERS substrates.

Line of Research:Biotechnological Processes



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Clayton Antunes Martin

Chemometrics. Food Chemistry. Analytical Methods Development.

Gracinda Marina Castelo da Silva

Research and Development of Biotechnological Processes. Products obtained from waste fermentation processes.

Jones Erni Schmitz

Process Control, Modeling, Optimization and Simulation. Artificial intelligence. Refrigeration, Instrumentation and industrial equipment.

Ricardo Fiori Zara

Food chemistry. Use of bioactive compounds. Development of analytical methods.

Solange Maria Cottica

Antioxidants. Fatty acids.

Tatiana Shioji Tiuman

Natural products. Antimicrobial activity. Preservation of products.

Viviane da Silva Lobo

Essential oils. Chemical and pharmaceuticals waste.




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Clóvis Bombardelli

Automation. Industrial process control. Development of sensors to monitor coke fouling in the petroleum industry.


Karina Graziella Fiametti Colombo

Vegetable oil-based microemulsions. Enzymatic production of monoglycerides and diglycerides. Purification and immobilization of enzymes.

Rafael Admar Bini

Magnetic and polymeric nanoparticles; pharmaceuticals release, vitroceramics for catalysis

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