Graduate Program in Chemical and Biotechnological Processes

Graduate Program in Chemical and Biotechnological Processes

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Program Overview | Lines of Research

The Master’s degree program in Chemical and Biotechnological Processes (PPGQB) started in May 2015. It is classified as Engineering II as its area of knowledge, according to the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), which puts together the Engineering Graduate Programs of Chemistry, Metallurgical and Materials, Nuclear and Mines. The main purpose of PPGQB is to qualify researchers and professors to work in higher education and supply the labor market with high-level professionals qualified to develop projects related to the area of ​​concentration, which is Chemical and Biotechnological Processes. Studies by PPGQB faculty and students involve materials and their use, biotechnological processes and food science. The students of the program are recent graduates of undergraduate courses and professionals who are already working in the field, coming from the southern region of Brazil, which has high potential for scientific-technological, social and economic development. PPGQB also welcomes students from other South American countries.

Lines of Research

Development and use of materials
This line of research involves the synthesis, characterization and simulation of the behavior of new materials such as glass, ceramics, polymeric materials, activated carbonaceous materials, coke, cementitious materials, among others, used in the development of sensors, adsorbent materials, catalysts and incorporation of waste in concrete and mortar.

Biotechnological processes
This line of research studies the characterization, modification, development and conservation of food, biotechnological recovery of agro-industrial waste, biotransformation of raw materials, development of chemical and biological processes for obtaining pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals from the extraction and modification of natural products with biological activity.

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