Postgraduate Program in Natural Resources and Sustainability

Postgraduate Program in Natural Resources and Sustainability

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The Postgraduate Program in Natural Resources and Sustainability is part of the CAPES Environmental Sciences Assessment Area and aims to train high-level professionals who can work in private companies, public agencies, educational institutions and in the various areas of concentration of the environmental sciences meeting the needs of the labor market and contributing to the development of science. The trained professional will be able to propose and carry out research projects regarding the natural resources of ecosystems and develop methodologies for the extraction of bioactive products with sustainable interest, aiming to meet specific demands for national development.

Area of Concentration

Natural Resources and Sustainability
The area of ​​concentration "Natural Resources and Sustainability" covers two lines of research: Ecosystems and Natural Resources and Natural Products and Sustainability. The first focuses on ecosystems and their potential for sustainable use. The second converges to the analysis of bioactive compounds in order to, through the sustainability perspective, add value to local and regional ecosystems. These two complementary interfaces involve basic and applied research and interdisciplinary perspective. They constitute a focus on the sustainable use of natural resources based on the integration of knowledge and empirical problematization in the local and regional context.

Research Lines

Ecosystems and Natural Resources
This line focuses on researches regarding the various local and regional ecosystems. It involves the description of their structures and functioning of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, providing their sustainable use, conservation and promotion of education for sustainability, in a perspective of integration between society and the environment.

Natural Products and Sustainability
This line seeks, by obtaining bioactive compounds, to add value to local and regional ecosystems. The development and verification of the bioactivity of natural products are expected in the researches of this line, not only to promote the preservation of their own natural resources, but also to protect the welfare of the human population inserted in this environment. Additionally, it involves researches in the area of ​​environmental education aimed at raising awareness of the sustainable use of natural resources.